Vertical glass arrising (seaming) machine is designed to seam sharp edges of the cut glass in a fully automatic cycle before insulating glass unit production or tempered glass production.

Seaming process can be done with maximum cycle and speed automatically.

Based on vertical structure,Special belts breaks the back and front side of the glass sheets and seam in 0°.

Seaming head can rotate freely in 360° in order to seam all sides of the glass sheets.

Seamed edge width can be adjusted from 0.5mm to 2mm and glass thickness is adjusted automatically while seaming.

The machine is equipped with automatic measuring system for glass sheet’s length, height and thickness with waterproof servo motors.

Water is used to cool and clean the seaming belts. Additional spray nozzles, remove the glass dust residue from the glass sheet and reduce the displacement of these particles into downstream systems.

Water cycling system is provided with the machine as a standard feature. Optionally, shape glass seaming can be done regarding to CMS shape library.